Dược Hậu Giang tuyển dụng Giám đốc Kiểm toán Nội bộ, ưu tiên người sở hữu CIA/ACCA

//Dược Hậu Giang tuyển dụng Giám đốc Kiểm toán Nội bộ, ưu tiên người sở hữu CIA/ACCA
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Dược Hậu Giang tuyển dụng Giám đốc Kiểm toán Nội bộ, ưu tiên người sở hữu CIA/ACCA


Professional work:

  • Make a detailed audit plan for each assigned audit
  • Directly conducting the audits that have been approved under the annual audit program or at the extraordinary request, including:
  • Building audit program;
  • Gather documents, data, initial information related to the audit;
  • Perform on-site audits;
  • Drafting and circulating audit reports;
  • Archiving audit records;
  • Perform other professional tasks related to internal audit as requested by the management;

Administrative job: 

  • Organize to develop internal audit plan (annual, 3 years …) to submit to the leaders for approval;
  • Assigning & monitoring the implementation of scheduled audits for the year or extraordinary audits, assuring the quality & progress of the audit;
  • Directly conducting or assisting audits;
  • Perform the role of standing on the Compliance Committee (if assigned)
  • Develop internal audit policies, principles and methods in accordance with international practices & standards; provisions of law;
  • To guide and inspect the work of auditors to ensure compliance with professional ethical standards, internal audit regulations, internal audit manuals, internal audit methods;
  • Manage the activities of the internal audit department;
  • Manage department staff according to the regulations of the Company
  • Send audit notices & Release audit reports;
  • Managing archived audit documents and circulated audit reports;
  • Organize professional training and guidance for employees;
  • Perform other management tasks related to internal audit as requested by the management. 


  • University Graduate
  • Professionals: Major in Auditing / Accounting / Finance / Business Administration
  • English: TOEIC 600 / IELTS 5.5 or equivalent certificates.
  • Certificate of National Auditor of Vietnam (CPA Vietnam)
  • Certificate of short-term courses in relevant knowledge of internal audit, internal control and risk management

Prefer Other Certifications:

  • Certified Public Accountant of Australia, USA, UK or Vietnam.
  • Notarized American internal audit.
  • Certificate of Internal Auditing Director


  • Having a period of 5 years or more working in specialized training or from 3 years or more working as auditor, accountant or inspector;
  • At least 2 years of managerial experience in an equivalent position.


  • In-depth understanding of governance, risks, control concepts and the International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF) of internal control (IIA);
  • Effective communication skills, good presentation;
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills;
  • Good organizational and strategic planning skills;
  • Office computer skill (PowerPoint/Word/Excel…), Priority with experience using ERP.


  • Ability to work under high pressure
  • Possibility of impact & positive impact
  • Can go on business trips